July 5, 2022

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Satire | Why is our goods just rubbish?

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Pitt is a wonderful place to learn and make memories, and many of us wear royal blue and gold wherever we go in the glory of this special place.

You can find pit peppers in many places. You can use similar secondhand apps Depop, Poshmark And eBay. Pit peppers also come in many places in Pittsburgh Goodwill Stores, such as in East Liberty and the South Side. But if you want something new and readily available, this is your best bet Pit shop Or University Store.

Here’s the thing – most of these clothes are disgusting, cheap and made up. And for an organization that is proud of itself Durable and sophisticatedThese clothes go a long way in promoting responsible consumerism.

First, here it is Blue 84 Adult T-shirt Pit Panthers – GoldAs the website calls it.

My first stroke – who wears V-neck now? The text reads “Pittsburgh Panthers” and has the official Pitt logo below. A choice! I take the main point of the cotton / polyester blend that takes form in this thin, thinly heated fabric. Wash one, and this garment will feel like a piece of paper. Not to mention – assuming you put it on a warm day – you’ll be in Pittsburgh City within 30 minutes, pun intended.

The most confusing thing about this dress for me is the round hem. Is Blue 84 expected of people? French Tuck College Merchant? This dress assumes that you are going to make a cute outfit out of your pit chili, which is not the case. Pit peppers are what you wear on your Friday morning at 10am, with last night’s contacts causing a violent hangover with your eyeballs. In such a situation no French survives.

John Blair | Senior Staff Photographer

Blue is 0 for 2 with 84 Women’s stripe t-shirt.

Again, why the French Tuck Hemline? The armholes of these shirts are so small, the top is oddly long and there are horizontal stripes. It was made for a person weighing 5’10 “and 100 pounds – you know, a supermodel. Instead of Kendall Jenner Chop the cucumber Rather than wearing this top anywhere near the camera without the help of her private chef. The small pit logo on the left breast is also very non-engaging. Are you a trendy fashion top or are you a college businessman? The identity crisis is bigger than the engineering student in the class who weeds this shirt.

Blue 84 disappoints me with this Women’s long sleeved shirt.

Yet again, the B84 is bringing us cheap burnout fabric, this time gray, the official color of sweat pits. This warm-toned gray camouflage doesn’t make any sense against the blue, and apart from the outline of the Pitt logo, our trademark doesn’t look gold. I can’t even read the text on this awesome cam, and why is the “Pittsburgh” text full and the “Panthers” text just an outline? I assumed that Blue 84 – who Produces for many organizations – This style is only copy-pasted in universities. And they did! For this, they also make these heinous shirts University of Oklahoma And Harvard. If Blue 84 is a college student, Pitt will cheat and fine them for academic dishonesty.

Chicka-D founded 1787 Pittsburgh Hoody Not the most serious of these options – you’ll love it. I like the cut and color of the hoodie at least. But the text looks unauthorized and is too minor – it seems Red bubble stickers That many students slap their water bottles and computers. The thing about redbubble stickers is that once you get a big kid job, you remove them to make them look bigger. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. I don’t think it’s worth the money.

People, now is the time Dress.

What is this?!?!? It’s like the “Avengers: Endgame” of bad college business. It has everything – burnout fabric, drawstring, a hood, long sleeves, full and completely shapeless. I’m really scared. I have no idea who will wear it. As for the clothes mentioned above, while ugly to me, I can see why someone would wear them. Some sunburned college moms in Bucks County might eat that Blue 84 nonsense. I do not understand this.

This dress costs 45. The Pit Shop thinks you’re going to buy it – or at least I’m assuming, because it’s on their website. They say it’s a “nightdress” on the page, but who wears a nightdress and who wears a hood to sleep? Why spend 45 on cheap clothes that are poorly made and never seen again?

The recklessness of all this is troubling. You may be familiar with this term “Fast fashion,” Which refers to a business model that includes cheap, low-quality and high-speed clothing products for maximum profit. As long as we produce mass products, we are contributing to the overproduction and overuse of textiles, which has a serious impact on our environment.

John Blair | Senior Staff Photographer

85% of US textiles Either ends up in the landfill or burns and produces productively 13 million tons Textile waste per year. Pitt is one R1 InstitutionThis means that we are at the forefront of academic research. If we continue to create disgusting, cheap goods that no one wants to wear, we are engaging in methods that our researchers and many other researchers consider dangerous.

You may be wondering – what do you want in a pit pepper? I want something high-quality, something of the best material that can withstand hundreds of washes. I’d like a pit seal or a pit logo, and maybe another timeless ornament. Ringer neck. And being willing to pay 60 or more for that means I’ll wear it forever. Our experiences and learning deserve better memories than burnout fabric and ripping seams. We deserve the parallel quality of our organization.

Paige Wasserman writes about art, pop culture, campus culture, and the things that make her want to cry. Here you can reach her [email protected].

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