July 5, 2022

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Review | Episode 5 of ‘OB-One Kenobi’ gives fans many expected revelations

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Slow, after four episodes of carefully constructed, the fifth episode of “Obi-Wan Kenobi” finally gives us some releases and reveals that the audience and fans of “Star Wars” are waiting.

Before we return to where Part four Left, the fifth part opens on the Coruscant skyline. As the camera slowly pulls back, we see Unkin Skywalker’s familiar ponytail and curtain braid. The OB-van enters, and after a few playful games, they pull out their lightsabers for the training duel.

Currently, OB-Wan and Leah return to Jabim. The pair, accompanied by Tala, rush the refugees out before their trade routes are closed, unaware that the empire has tracked them down with Lola. We see that Haja has escaped and he has also come to Jabim. Lola escapes and starts creating problems as soon as the empire appears and OB-Van once again comes forward to work as a general in the Clone Wars.

The twist of this part of the play with the flashbacks of OB-One and Anakin.Clone attack“The era works really well. I know a lot of people, including myself, were waiting for the prequel’s flashback, and it’s a smart way to get it done. And the extensive storyline of the episode is well laid out.It’s clear that Deborah Chow and the authors thought a lot about where the flashback, each episode for a maximum of one minute, would fit into the larger picture of the episode.

I assume that some CGIs were used to reduce Hayden Christensen’s age, and while they are not fully functional and Anakin clearly appears to be aging, they work well enough for a no-confidence suspension. Hayden Christensen, despite all this, Anakin’s role in this episode is very good. His mix of ego, pride and shame works with the beats of the episode and the larger context of the prequel.

When OB-Van is able to steal his Lightsaber, it’s nice to see an expression of his pride in losing his master Morph, and it gives a good insight into the relationship between OB-Van and Anakin. It also shows some of OB-Van’s failures as a master, leading Anakin to the dark side. OB-Van is able to look at Anakin’s dark side in that battle, and while he encourages Anakin a little, he leaves Anakin alone in a fit of rage and frustration at defeat.

The fifth part finally gives some explanation for the instructions about the character of Reva (Moses Ingram). When Reva arrives on the planet to surround OB-Van and the refugees, OB-Van negotiates with her and begins to identify her true purpose. We learn that Reva’s whole purpose in hunting OB-One was to get close to Darth Vader to get revenge, as she saw Anakin kill all her friends and almost killed her at the Jedi Temple during Order 66.

Reva and the Empire infiltrated the bottom and have an extended sequence of battles with Stormtroopers and refugees. As the refugees return to the secondary area, Tala (Indira Verma) and her druid line up when Tala is shot in the abdomen. The OB-One cannot return to her, and when it shuts down, Tala’s druid makes its own place to protect itself, giving Tala enough time to activate the thermal detonator when she abandons herself. It’s a very dramatic moment, and then it gets even stronger when Leah comes out of the working vent and asks where Tala is.

Haja (Kumel Nanjiani) throws OB-One’s communicator at Bell Organ’s (Jimmy Smits) message as it feels like a fictional moment to continue the story in one last episode while loading into transport. When the people around him were running on the shuttle, and Haja was trying to get behind them, he could have turned around and picked it up quickly. He goes back to see the important thing that the OB-van gave him before he left and just chooses to leave it. It’s a trivial matter, but it seems like the plot of the last episode will be centered on it, so it’s disappointing that it’s from such a clearly compelling moment.

I know I mentioned this in my review of each episode, but seriously, Vivian Lira is as amazing as Blair Leia. It’s a beautiful moment to reassure OB-Van as a child, and the look of admiration given to Leah feels so authentic.

Despite my failure to do so, the program is remarkably consistent with OB-Van, the “Ben.” Looking at the show’s title, I didn’t expect OB-Van to continue using Ben before the first episode or two. I like that they stick to the nickname, because it makes the show “A new hope,“Where OB-van is actually sometimes called OB-van.

With so many slow, dialogue-heavy scenes and intense action intercuts in this episode, it’s easy to notice that the sound mix in the show isn’t good. The action scenes are very loud and the quiet dialogue scenes are almost unheard of, so I play the game of chicken with the help of the remote, where I raise the volume to hear the dialogue and then abruptly shut it down when the action scene starts. .

This episode made us one of my favorite Darth Vader moments right away. Every part of the scene, from when Vader pulls down the ship while trying to takeoff, Vader beats Reva without removing his lightsaber. Vader seldom avoids the blows of Reva’s lightsaber, and using the force of her blade and pushing her aside is a lot of fun and demonstrates Vader’s strength.

Similar to the fight between Obi-Wan and Vader in Episode 3, Vader seems to be playing with his rival. He beats up the third sister and steals her without even taking out her lightsaber, and then he breaks in half and returns the other half, giving her another chance, where he easily hits her again. It almost feels like Vader is showing her that she never got the chance.

After Wader wins, the Grand Inquisitor (Rupert Friend), alive and apparently not completely injured, walks up to him and Wader reveals that he knew Reva was the youngest in Order 66. The Grand Inquisitor was expected to be read and his monologue on change seemed dramatic, which was funny, but there was no explanation for how he read. That being said, I’m not sure if there would be one. He survived, we knew he would survive, so why stay on it?

The episode ends with a cliffhanger which means that the final episode will bring out the young Luke. I’m just curious how Leia will handle the last part. Will OB-Van drop her off at Alderan and race for a tattoo to protect Luke? This may seem a bit anticlimactic for a show that, so far, has tried to show that Leah is just as important as Luke. But still, I’m curious to see if Chow and her team can stick to the landing.

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