July 5, 2022

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Columns Pitt football doesn’t have to change its uniform

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Pitt football will begin against West Virginia in less than three months. When the mountaineers fly to Pittsburgh for battle on September 1 – or more likely – both teams will renew their centuries-old rivalry.

When enemies meet, West Virginia will make a new set Uniform, Which the team revealed Monday. Jersey pays homage to the state of West Virginia, with road maps of “country roads” as well as the state border engraved on pants leg, collar and helmet.

The announcement came on the state’s 159th birthday, a kind of gift to the state that sparked half-back feuds. While state-inspired Jersey is perfect for mountaineers, Pitt shouldn’t follow it.

Pitt made his debut City-inspired Jersey Competing with Louisville in 2020. While Threads certainly pays a heartfelt tribute to a city in need of growth during a global pandemic, there is a reason Jersey Pitt is out of rotation.

The jerseys were gray with gold accents, similar to Pittsburgh’s business teams, and featured small details to honor the city, such as the “H2P” design, similar to the US Steel logo. It was fun for one game, but when Pitt lost to Notre Dame at home, the novelty instantly diminished a second time. 45-3.

The point was, the jerseys didn’t seem to belong to Pitt. Former quarterback Kenny Pickett has expressed dissatisfaction with Barstool Sports for setting an alternative jersey on “Pardon My Tech”. Podcast.

“We have Steel City uniforms that I’m not a big fan of,” said Pickett. “It’s not just us.”

What makes Pitt special, he said, is its iconic colors.

“No one [else] These are the colors, “said Pickett. “When you turn on the TV and you see these colors, you know it’s Pitt. I think it’s very special. “

He is absolutely right.

Pitt has the most prestigious branding package of all college sports. The pit-script logo and the blue and gold jerseys are iconic. Back in the days when Tony Dorset and Dan Marino flourished on the Panthers field, they wore blue and gold. In the early 2000’s, Pitt went out of tradition at one point, wearing navy blue and mustard yellow, until athletic director Heather Like rebranded the entire segment.

The athletics department said the rebrand was aimed at “respecting the past” and “representing the future.” Twitter. Pitt returned to his iconic royal blue and gold uniform and immediately brought back the best football jersey in the country. While still respecting the retro jerseys worn by Marino and Dorset, Pitt has included many details to honor his campus, such as Cathedral Font

It was a mistake to stay away from Royal and Gold for a few decades, but Like corrected it in 2019. It would be a mistake to say that Pitt has an alternative jersey for the sake of doing too much and trying to make more uniforms.

Can pit The Panthers now mix and match the worn set. In fact, introducing a set of all-white uniforms in rotation is an idea that will keep fans engaged while sticking to tradition.

But when all this is said and done, people associate the pit with the script and the blue and gold color scheme. Pitt has done a great job of keeping things fresh by modernizing the tradition with new cathedral fonts and introducing the “Panther Head” logo.

Pitt Football is proud of some of the best uniforms in football and has no reason to shy away from them. Of course, considering the other teams in the city, the color scheme goes against the grain. But blue and gold are the pit – accept it.

Pitt is part of the city and his current uniforms pay homage to the city.

Pitt should proudly wear blue and gold with the script on the helmet. The best way to honor Pittsburgh history is to preserve tradition.

Both teams will wear their new jerseys against the Mountaineering Panthers on September 1 as they renew the Backyard Brawl tournament after a 12-year hiatus.

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